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6 Steps to Renting - our guide for Tenants

1 Set Up Email Alerts With Rightmove And Zoopla

Decent rental properties get snapped up very quickly! We recommend that you register your preferences with Rightmove and Zoopla, so that as soon as we press the ‘go live’ button, any properties matching your requirements will be automatically emailed to you – get ahead of the competition!

2 Check Your Credit Status

We can decline your application to rent a property if your credit score does not meet a minimum level. Your credit score can be affected by County Court Judgements or by late/missed payments on loan or credit agreements. If you do not know the status of your current credit history, we advise that you check this with one of the many on-line providers. You may lose your Holding Fee on a property if your credit history is not accurately declared on your application forms.

3 Be Prepared To Pay A Holding Fee

Letting Agents are currently allowed to charge Tenants a ‘Holding Fee’ when they apply to rent a property. This is a nominal amount that is refunded to the Tenant, or deducted from the first month’s rent when you move into the property. Our Holding Fee is set at £75.00. If we need to retain this for longer than 14 days we will request your written confirmation to do so. Your Holding Fee can be retained by our company if your application fails due to information not being declared on your application form that affects your suitability to rent a property, e.g. your salary information is over-inflated, you have a high-risk credit status that is revealed by our referencing company, CCJ’s are found on your credit file. These examples are not an exhaustive list. Personal data will be requested from each prospective applicant in the form of recent bank statements, before we invite you to apply for one of our rental properties.

4 There Are No Other Fees Involved In Your Tenancy

Lettings Agents cannot charge a Tenant to renew their Lease agreement. Here at Dale & Collins we also do not charge Landlords for lease renewals. The only charge that we can legally raise during your Tenancy is for an amendment to a contract, e.g. adding or deleting a Tenant to a lease, for which we charge £50.00 including VAT.

5 You May Need A Guarantor

If you are working for an employment agency or on a short-term contract rather than on a permanent employment contract, OR if you are in receipt of any form of Housing Benefit or Universal Credit, then be prepared to provide a Guarantor. This is someone who IS working on a permanent employment contract and can prove an income generally over £16,000 per year (gross). However, they do not need to be a homeowner. They will be as responsible for the rental payments equally as you are. Should you default on your rent, your Guarantor will be legally required to pay this on your behalf.

6 What Other Documents Do Tenants Need To Provide?

As Letting Agents we are required to see original copies of any ID. Generally, Tenants provide us with a passport or National Identity Card. A link to the acceptable forms of ID, issued by the UK Government, can be provided to you by our company – email us on [email protected] if you need to see this information. Our professional Tenant Referencing Agency may also request up to 6 months of recent bank statements from you, which will be returned to you or destroyed/deleted upon confirmation of the reference being completed. We retain the right to decline your application on a property if there is evidence of excessive spending on pay-day loans, on-line gambling, or any other regular significant outgoings (for example very high credit card repayments or loan repayments) that may detrimentally affect a Tenant’s ability to meet the legally required rental payment each month.

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