What if I sell my house but can't find another house to buy?

This is a question that we are asked more than any other. In a market where there are not as many houses FOR SALE it can be a worry that you sell yours very quickly, but can’t find a house that you want to buy, moving forward! Well, this situation happens VERY often and it’s important that your Estate Agent helps you to manage the timescale of your sale, against the timescale of your purchase. Obviously, your buyer will not hang around forever – waiting until you’ve looked at every house in Stoke on Trent! -  but more often than you WILL find a property over the course of a few months and in the meantime we will be liaising with you buyer, keeping them informed and – hopefully – hanging in there until you DO find your dream home. This is where your Estate Agent’s help will be of the utmost importance…. Good communication can keep a sale going smoothly, reducing stress and worry for everyone. After all, thousands of people move, every year, with long chains of houses involved. It’s our experience in the industry that helps you through your sale.

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